Participating Nonprofits and Businesses

Our Mission:

Offer nonprofits a cost-free labor-free online savings card and coupon fundraising program while suppofrting and promoting on a local level for a national application with Greater Rochester our model city.

It is also our Mission to recruit local veteran representatives as liaisons between local nonprofits, businesses and chambers of commerce as a home-based business opportunity retained through various veteran/military organizations.

Our fundraising program is simple:

Nonprofits enlist at no cost or labor and are listed in a drop-down menu to receive $10 in proceeds when selected from every $25 savings card sold online as a required field to complete each transaction which is recorded and documented through merchant service for full transparency.

Businesses enlist at $49/year by offering a savings when presented with our savings card or an optional alternative/additional coupon savings.  Coupons are only valid when presented with a savings card.  $10 of that $49 would go to each business's selected participating nonprofit as a requied field to complete each transaction - documented and recorded by merchant service for full transparency .