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Charities receive $10 from each $20 Savings Card purchased. Businesses enlist in this fundraising program for $25 by offering a discount to cardholders with unlimited coupon revisions incluuded.  Our supporters HELP Rochester Nonprofits and SAVE at Rochester Businesses.

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Present SAVINGS Card for Special Offers noted on each Business Web Page of Participating Businesses

Demonstration Pizzeria and web link

Visit this Rochester Business Web Page to view your Savings Card Discount when presented alone or with a Coupon

Rochester Participating Business Demonstration Coupons

Print and Present Coupons with your SAVINGS Card for other Rochester Choices * Discounts * Savings

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SAVINGS Card purchases benefit Participating Charities in our local Rochester Fundraising Program

We promote our participating Greater Rochester Local Participating Greater Rochester Businesses and our Chambers of Commerce

Hiring our Heroes WebsiteWe support our U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Hiring Our Heroes Program by recruiting local Veterans to act as liaisons between nonprofits, businesses and chambers as a home-based business opportunity for unemployed Veteran Heroes